Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stitching HD! Scarf & My Boys

I finally stitched something for the first time in over year. Before knitting, I stitched tons. One year I actually completed over 50 stitching projects, many of them large. Anyhow, I'm off to knit a quick baby hat for superbaby. He/she arrives in less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!

Update: Here's the hat I knit last night. I can't decide if it is cute or ugly though. I was going for cheerful. ;-) Less than 3 hours until superbaby's arrival. Surgery was moved up!

My new niece or nephew is scheduled to arrive on Monday. I can't wait!!! I'm dying to know if I can knit a pink or blue hat. It's also killing me that my brother and SIL will not tell us name selections. ARGH!!!! I have ZERO patience. This is probably the first time is history that I've wanted a weekend to pass by quickly. LOL

First off here is an irresistable pic of "my boys". Sammy is the large Maine Coon on the left. Indy is the Siamese on the right. Best of pals. Too bad neither of them like our girl cat Sabrina. :-| Funny how they can love each other so much and hate her just as much.

Secondly, here is my Leisel scarf. You can't really see the beautiful falling leaves pattern in this photo. I'm sure it will show up much better once blocked. Even my dh (who doesn't really comment on my knitting) said how much he like this scarf. And how cool it was. :D Can't wait to get some more done on it!

Long time no blog

I've been so busy with the holidays and birthday celebrations and birthday preparations (ds' bday is in 3 weeks), I haven't had much time for blogging.

I went back to Weight Watchers on Monday. After losing 17 pounds last year (from April to August), I fell off the wagon and gained back 7 pounds. Big sigh. But I am back on track. I signed up for their Winter Pass, so I'm committed until the end of April. Longer, actually, but that is a start. The first couple of days being back On Program has been fine. However, I've been so crabby! I think I'm having sugar withdrawals or something. I want to bite everyone's head off. Sheesh! I went for a walk at lunch yesterday. It was beautiful weather (albiet chilly). Today is rainy, but it is supposed to stop later. I hope so, because I want to get back out there again.

Knitting has slowed to a snail's pace. My brother & SIL's baby is arriving in 3 weeks and that blanket I was knitting on hasn't been touched. It is just so slow going. WTG, pick a small gauge yarn and size 4 needles. Anyway, I picked up some soft acrylic (wash & dry) yarn at Michael's and I'm nearly finished crocheting them a baby blanket. I already went to Baby Gap and picked up the cutest yellow newborn outfit. I had them box it up and everything so all I have to do is bring it to the hospital. =) Of course we don't know what they are having or what the name is because they are being secretive. I hate waiting! lol

I've been reading lately. I picked up John Grisham's The Broker. I have about 50 pages left until I finish. What an excellent book.

Okay, I've got to get my day started. Have a great one!

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