Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Let the games begin!

Exciting news: Team SoHo has a sponsor! The lovely Jennifer of knowknits agreed to supply our team of knitters with Go Knit pouches for our projects--because you know in order to finish on time we're going to be knitting while walking--and they arrived yesterday. The Go Knit pouch is featured in the products section of the newest knit.1 (hey, recognize that hat?), and next week I'm going to be offering a chance for you to win your own.

Back to the knitting. I got most of Team SoHo together this morning for a group photo.

Tanis, our yarn coordinator (yes, there is such a job, and aren't you jealous?), is using Knit Picks Palette to make Icelandic mittens (that's a swatch you see forming from her needles)

Both Adina and Karin (editor of Yarn Market News) are using Berroco Ultra Alpaca to make the Deb Newton shawl from the Fall 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting.

(Adina would like me to tell you that she initially wanted to make a hat from the Winter issue of VK, but I nixed the idea because ... she says it's because I'm mean, but it was because the hat is made with a super-bulky yarn and someone of Adina's skill and caliber could easily knit it up in three hours or less. She is a very competitive soul, bless her heart. I still think she'll finish her shawl before I've finished the first shoulder-shaping of my project.)

Mary Kathryn is using Cherry Tree Hill Baby Sachet for a lacy tank top.

Carla is making domino/mitred square socks with  Koigu KPPPM (mmmmm...Koigu).

And that's Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece there for my Trellis, and the swatch I had started last night. The swatch will probably turn out to be a sleeve--that's a little trick I picked up along the way because I don't particularly like to swatch. I start knitting a sleeve of a sweater, and after enough rows I measure. If I'm on gauge, I continue. If I'm off, I don't have that much to rip out. I guess I bent the rules there, but honestly--that's how I swatch.

And finally, Jenn was able to sneak this in under the wire:

She's working on a sweater out of Lorna's Laces for the Winter 2006/07 issue of Vogue Knitting, and since she's on a strict deadline and has already started, she's also participating under the "Team FO" banner.

A couple teammates aren't pictured, like Lisa and Cheryl (who is making a sweater from Fiona Ellis's new book, and that should be amazing), but I hope to get updates from them when we come back from the weekend.

Are you knitting in the Olympics, too? What are you making?
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