Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I need to replace the frame I broke AND buy another frame for my dad's

That, ladies and gents (are there even any gents here?) is the sound of the squeaky wheel getting the oil.  I'll just premise this entry by saying that I rock!

apartment-warming gift so I head to Aaron BrosWent into Borders tonight with hubby and bub and noticed that there wasn't a stitch (haha) of artwork in the Cafe.  WHAT!?!?!?!?!  So, I asked for the person in charge of artwork.  It was this sweet girl who just started in the position.  She immediately starts telling me about the change in owners, yada yada yada. I rudely (oops) cut her off and said, "Yeah, I know."  I explain that I was set up to do March and understand they are remodeling the cafe in March but I noticed there was no artwork up now so could I just do it this month since the person isn't going to show?  I get this song and dance about how they decided if nobody showed up they were just going to stop it in February.

At this point I give the sob story about how I had already bought the frames and sent out invitations (which was *kinda* true since I had a blurb about it on my website for months now) and I was put in a hard spot since nobody bothered to call me and tell me about it.  Rather perturbed, she went to see "what she could do".

In walks Nick, my future child's namesake, who tells me that the cafe isn't being closed until the end of March so worst case, I can get 3 weeks in March, BUT if since this person doesn't didn't show up  I can have the rest of February AND the couple weeks in March.

As Patrick would say, "Haw Haw!!!"

So, of course, in true Jenn Marsh fashion, I already ordered the prints for the frames that I was going to hang at home which isn't a huge deal since I'll just use them after the display.  Then I realize I need to replace the frame I broke AND buy another frame for my dad's apartment-warming gift so I head to Aaron Bros.  The guy working there tells me their Buy One get One for  1 cent sale is over.  WHAAAAAA!  I really didn't want to spend more money.  We're trying to cut back.  Anyhoo, I just go and pick out the cheapest 16x20 frames with matting I can find.  Hubby goes to pay and the guy gives it to us for the 1 cent deal.   And let me tell you, this guy who works there is ALWAYS so nice to me.  I really need to get his name and send it to the company.  He cut a mat for me, for free, after they were closed.  He carried 8 frames to my car.  He rocks.

Oh and did I mention I need to get prints, business cards and fashion some way to put out the cards by possibly the end of the week?  Oh and never mind the 6,000,000 wedding pictures I need to edit.  Yes, I thrive on pressure.  WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee funnnnnnnnnn

On the knitting front.... HELP!  I am at the neckline part of the baby sweater and I have no clue what I'm doing.  I seriously think the pattern is flaky.  At the least it's not written well.  I ended up working the wrong side of the neckline because it said "right side" and I did the right side when I was looking at it (which worked with where the yarn was) and not the right side when wearing it.  Now I'm at a part in the pattern where I have no bloody clue what it means.  I'm hoping my dear, sweet, knitting friend Steph will answer my email and help me out.  If anyone else out there is willing to do a little hand holding, drop me a line.  I'm in dire straits here!

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