Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I keep screwing up the front of the baby sweater

about my life as a paranormal psychic who spends her days and nights trying to stay one step ahead of Murphy using her uncanny ability to anticipate his every move. 

What did I tell you about those frames?  I was driving to a friend's house tonight when I hear... "SMASH!"  There goes one frame, smashed into pieces in the back of my car. 

I keep screwing up the front of the baby sweater

*key cheesy drama music*

Awww.... that Murphy.  He got me again!

Seriously.  I'm laughing.  I swear.  On a good note, my friend needed some frames so she'll just buy a couple off me and then I may just keep the others.  I can always use photographs in my house and if I can find a display somewhere I'll have them.

YAY!  It's the weekend!  I'm sooo happy.  I keep screwing up the front of the baby sweater so I think I'll take a couple of days off from it and work on the blanket.  I really need to get some circs for that blanket because knitting it on the straight is getting tough now that it's bigger.  Too much weight on one needle - it's killing my hands.

I wish my yarn would get here!  I can't wait to start with the baby toys.  Those should be quick and easy.  Oooh!  And I'm going to photograph the yarn and get some graphics together for people to use and for when/if I have a store.  I always like photographing stuff like that.  I can take my time getting it just right, waiting for the perfect light.  And I can be bossy and rude and they don't talk back or threaten not to pay me.  It's very refreshing.

Have a great weekend everyone!  And Nino, if you're reading this.... cheer up.  Things will get better!

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