Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Holy that's a lotta yarn!

By now, no doubt, most of you have read the story about the women stealing yarn from an Atlanta shop. If you haven't, click here. If you just read about it and haven't watched the accompanying video of the news report, it's good for a chuckle if only for the shot of the Action Reporter holding up skeins of yarn as though they're going to turn on him at any moment.

What got me was the amount of yarn returned by one of the women's husbands. When totalled, it came to $13,000 worth. The mind reels. Think about the most expensive yarn you ever bought. For me, it was a $48 skein of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace that I used to make a shawl. 48 goes into 13K 270.83 times. 270.83 times the 1250 yards that each Helen's Lace skein holds = 338,537.5 yards. And that's lace weight. If I wanted to make a sweater out of lace weight yarn, I'd need approximately 2227.5 yards. $13K worth of Helen's Lace would make me about 151 sweaters. One for each day of winter.

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I was sitting here trying to come up with a good post for today, since I'm on vacation tomorrow until Tuesday, but...I got nothin'. So instead, I shall direct you to a blog compendium called re:knit. It gathers up all the funky fresh knitting posts around the blogosphere and presents them in digest form, and you can choose whether to continue reading. It's linked here a couple times, which is nice. It's also a great way to discover blogs you might not know about.


Have a fantastic knitworthy Memorial Day weekend if you live in the States, and a wonderful end-of-May weekend everywhere else.

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