Thursday, January 26, 2017

On the knitting front, I finished the back of the the Janda hoodie : some projects for my trip

Getting ready for a trip is just horrid.  The worst part is I think I am having sympathy nesting for my sister who reached her due date yesterday.  Normally before a trip, I'll straighten up my house.  Keep in mind I'm not a neat-freak.  My house is always picked up but I don't do the real deep cleaning on a regular basis.  So, I've spent that last 3 days cleaning the heck out of my house.  We're talking on my hands and knees with a toothbrush cleaning the grout in my shower and on the floor.  I've got 3 more rooms to do and then I'm done.  It will be nice to come home to a clean house.

Parts of town : He weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces and next to my 8# 11oz kid he looked like a doll

Well, we got here safe and sound on Tuesday afternoon.  My son did GREAT on the plane until the final 15 minutes when the pilot had the audacity to request electronic devices to be turned off while Patrick was in the middle of Maisy.  Now, I'm sure the pilot didn't have time to properly weigh the pros and cons of telling a 2 year old who woke at 4am, had no nap and was strapped to a seat for 4 hours, to turn off his favorite mouse.  I suspect he would have chosen possible death by crash landing.  The exact moment Brad turned off the computer my son threw himself into a screaming fit that would have made any mother proud.  It was quite the site.  Otherwise he was an angel.  The little stinker did seem to think for awhile that since his 'time out' seat isn't here he can go around acting like a poster-child for birth control but once he realized there is ALWAYS a place for a time-out he got his collective crap together.  :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I keep screwing up the front of the baby sweater

about my life as a paranormal psychic who spends her days and nights trying to stay one step ahead of Murphy using her uncanny ability to anticipate his every move. 

What did I tell you about those frames?  I was driving to a friend's house tonight when I hear... "SMASH!"  There goes one frame, smashed into pieces in the back of my car. 

I gained ZERO pounds when I was pregnant so it's not leftover baby weight

I gained ZERO pounds when I was pregnantWent to the doc for my annual today and to see about getting some meds for the baby machine.  Now, I knew I had gained a few pounds but figured it couldn't have been that bad since I can still wear my clothes.  Yeah, I've gained 23 pounds since I got pregnant with my son.  I know that doesn't sound bad, but …

I need to replace the frame I broke AND buy another frame for my dad's

That, ladies and gents (are there even any gents here?) is the sound of the squeaky wheel getting the oil.  I'll just premise this entry by saying that I rock!

apartment-warming gift so I head to Aaron BrosWent into Borders tonight with hubby and bub and noticed that there wasn't a stitch (haha) of artwork in the Cafe.  WHAT!?!?!?!?!  So, I asked for the person in charge of artwork.  It was this sweet girl who just started in the position.  She immediately starts telling me about the change in owners, yada yada yada. I rudely (oops) cut her off and said, "Yeah, I know."  I explain that I was set up to do March and understand they are remodeling the cafe in March but I noticed there was no artwork up now so could I just do it this month since the person isn't going to show?  I get this song and dance about how they decided if nobody showed up they were just going to stop it in February.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Escape from knitting limbo

Whew it's been a busy week!! My parents were here over the weekend and it seems like we've just had a lot of tests/practicals/other school stuff to get done. I don't have anything too exciting to report, but I do have a little venting on stupid people and Chicago public transportation.

Story #1: I'm walking towards the entrance to the Green line train. At first it looks like no one else is around, but all of a sudden a guy walks up, goes to the entrance, and tells me to swipe my card so we can both go through at the same time so he doesn't have to pay. And of course there is no one else around and the guy was a little scary. Not cool.

Story #2: Today while I was on the bus some guy tried to get on with a can of gasoline. The bus driver tells him to get off the bus. The man insists that it is a covered can of gasoline so it's OK. He proceeds to turn the can upside down to demonstrate this. Gas goes all over the place. Bus smells like gas. We all have to get off. Not cool.

Anyways, in happier non-public transportation news, looky at what came in the mail the other day....


Woooooo Rowan Felted Tweed! It's been on backorder for a few weeks but it finally arrived. So yesterday I started on Salina, here's what I have so far...


I am absolutely obsessed with the felted tweed...the color, the feel of it, everything. However I have a feeling Salina is going to take me forever to finish because the yarn is a bit thin, so I'm setting a goal of January to have it finished (I have a feeling Christmas knitting is going to get in the way of my progress too)

I also picked up some Manos del Uruguay at the yarn store yesterday. There were many, many colors to drool over but I went with this one....


I'm in desperate need of a hat but haven't done one before so I think I"m just going to knit a simple one with the Manos, probably one of the hats in Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

Tonight we're heading to Benihana for some Japanese food...I've never had sushi so I'm pretty excited! I'm trying to work up the courage to try the kind with raw fish, but we'll see...

I heart my secret pal!!!

My first secret pal package! And the timing couldn't have been any better. I was all stressed out today because I had clinic for 4 hours in the morning and had to go take a big final afterwards. So after clinic I decided to go check my mail to procrastinate....and I had a package!

So first there was a nice little note from my secret pal...turns out we're both Minnesotans! Wooooo! And we even like the same yarn shops :) How cool is that?

And here's what was in the package (notice it was packed in pink tissue favorite color)!

There was some organic chocolate which I was very tempted to eat right away after I took it out of the took much willpower to wait until I could get home and get a picture! There were also some cute little packets of wool wash, which I definaltey need. And I'm guessing they smell good too, they have fancy little names (flora and aquae). There was also a little tin of hand balm, which I have to show a close up of because it's so cute!

It's hand balm espeically for knitters! I didn't even know that existed :) It's supposed to give you snagless knitting and be safe for your yarn...I love it! And it smells good too.

And I almost had a heart attack when I pulled this out of the package.....

Its Alchemy Synchronicity, and I love it. A lot. My secret pal must be a mind reader because I've been drooling over this yarn on the purl soho website for awhile. And the color is so pretty, the blues and greens are perfect. The picture doesn't do it justice (I took many, but it was hard to get a good one with no natural light). I honestly couldn't stop looking at it when I took it out of the box. I would be reading my ocular disease notes and my eyes would slowly drift towards the yarn. Then I would go back to studying, but then get distracted by it again :) It's perfect!

Thanks secret pal, I love everything!! You're the best!!!

Christmas Trees & knitting

I knit these mittens and stocking ornaments for a co-worker. I also made her a set of little trees. Pattern at Little Birds. They were a royal PITA to put together and I'm not 100% happy with them. But I think my co-worker will like them. The mittens were so fast to knit and I think they came out cute. =)

  1. This pattern is for a tree that is about 4.5 inches tall. To produce bigger or smaller trees, enlarge or reduce the pattern on a copier. You also might want to play around with the proportions of the tree. For a taller, slimmer, more mod tree, you’d need a slimmer piece of pie and a correspondingly smaller circle base.
  2. Cut one cone and one circle base for your tree. If you are planning to adorn your tree with trim or embroidery, you might want to add embellishments before sewing
  3. Machine stitch straight sides of the cone shape with a 3/8” seam allowance.
  4. Pin circle to base of the tree shape. It should match up well, but depending on your seam allowance and the fabrics that you use, you may have to fudge it a bit. 
  5. Stitch the base to the tree leaving a 1.5 -3 inch gap for turning right-side out (use your judgment here - it really depends on the size of the tree and the type of fabric). 
  6. Turn right-side out. Stuff the tree (I use wool stuffing, poly-fil would work just fine). I like to add little bits of stuffing at a time with a chopstick or the pointy-end of a knitting needle to make sure the tree’s point is fully stuffed. Tree should be neither too firmly nor too loosely stuffed (could I be more vague?). Leave a little room to add some weight to the bottom of the tree. I use rice - lentils, beans, or those little plastic pellets from the craft store would work too. The weight helps the tree from being too tipsy when on display. 
  7. Blind stitch the opening closed. Ta-da!
And finally, the kids got back last night from a week away with both sets of grandparents. They had a great time, but I sure missed them. They are bouncing off the walls in anticipation of Christmas! =)

Stitching HD! Scarf & My Boys

I finally stitched something for the first time in over year. Before knitting, I stitched tons. One year I actually completed over 50 stitching projects, many of them large. Anyhow, I'm off to knit a quick baby hat for superbaby. He/she arrives in less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!

Update: Here's the hat I knit last night. I can't decide if it is cute or ugly though. I was going for cheerful. ;-) Less than 3 hours until superbaby's arrival. Surgery was moved up!

My new niece or nephew is scheduled to arrive on Monday. I can't wait!!! I'm dying to know if I can knit a pink or blue hat. It's also killing me that my brother and SIL will not tell us name selections. ARGH!!!! I have ZERO patience. This is probably the first time is history that I've wanted a weekend to pass by quickly. LOL

First off here is an irresistable pic of "my boys". Sammy is the large Maine Coon on the left. Indy is the Siamese on the right. Best of pals. Too bad neither of them like our girl cat Sabrina. :-| Funny how they can love each other so much and hate her just as much.

Secondly, here is my Leisel scarf. You can't really see the beautiful falling leaves pattern in this photo. I'm sure it will show up much better once blocked. Even my dh (who doesn't really comment on my knitting) said how much he like this scarf. And how cool it was. :D Can't wait to get some more done on it!

Long time no blog

I've been so busy with the holidays and birthday celebrations and birthday preparations (ds' bday is in 3 weeks), I haven't had much time for blogging.

I went back to Weight Watchers on Monday. After losing 17 pounds last year (from April to August), I fell off the wagon and gained back 7 pounds. Big sigh. But I am back on track. I signed up for their Winter Pass, so I'm committed until the end of April. Longer, actually, but that is a start. The first couple of days being back On Program has been fine. However, I've been so crabby! I think I'm having sugar withdrawals or something. I want to bite everyone's head off. Sheesh! I went for a walk at lunch yesterday. It was beautiful weather (albiet chilly). Today is rainy, but it is supposed to stop later. I hope so, because I want to get back out there again.

Knitting has slowed to a snail's pace. My brother & SIL's baby is arriving in 3 weeks and that blanket I was knitting on hasn't been touched. It is just so slow going. WTG, pick a small gauge yarn and size 4 needles. Anyway, I picked up some soft acrylic (wash & dry) yarn at Michael's and I'm nearly finished crocheting them a baby blanket. I already went to Baby Gap and picked up the cutest yellow newborn outfit. I had them box it up and everything so all I have to do is bring it to the hospital. =) Of course we don't know what they are having or what the name is because they are being secretive. I hate waiting! lol

I've been reading lately. I picked up John Grisham's The Broker. I have about 50 pages left until I finish. What an excellent book.

Okay, I've got to get my day started. Have a great one!


With 49 patterns for adorable baby gear knit with Bambi and Zarella yarns, this is one of the most versatile baby books we have ever seen. Includes patterns for blankets, booties, hats and sweaters galore for babies from 0 to 24 months. 49 patterns in all.
•Sizes 26(28,30,32)"
6-9(9-12, 12-18) months
•Yarn: Bambi #4 7 Balls
• Needles: #11 straight or circular.

Item #: 100616
Price: $11.99
Status: In Stock

 Here is the baby hat I just finished knitting for my new niece.  I love the little "noodles" on the top! lol  It is from Filatura Baby Book. It knit up very fast too!

Holy that's a lotta yarn!

By now, no doubt, most of you have read the story about the women stealing yarn from an Atlanta shop. If you haven't, click here. If you just read about it and haven't watched the accompanying video of the news report, it's good for a chuckle if only for the shot of the Action Reporter holding up skeins of yarn as though they're going to turn on him at any moment.

What got me was the amount of yarn returned by one of the women's husbands. When totalled, it came to $13,000 worth. The mind reels. Think about the most expensive yarn you ever bought. For me, it was a $48 skein of Lorna's Laces Helen's Lace that I used to make a shawl. 48 goes into 13K 270.83 times. 270.83 times the 1250 yards that each Helen's Lace skein holds = 338,537.5 yards. And that's lace weight. If I wanted to make a sweater out of lace weight yarn, I'd need approximately 2227.5 yards. $13K worth of Helen's Lace would make me about 151 sweaters. One for each day of winter.

crochet yarn fashion gigantic mohair


I was sitting here trying to come up with a good post for today, since I'm on vacation tomorrow until Tuesday, but...I got nothin'. So instead, I shall direct you to a blog compendium called re:knit. It gathers up all the funky fresh knitting posts around the blogosphere and presents them in digest form, and you can choose whether to continue reading. It's linked here a couple times, which is nice. It's also a great way to discover blogs you might not know about.


Have a fantastic knitworthy Memorial Day weekend if you live in the States, and a wonderful end-of-May weekend everywhere else.

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Let the games begin!

Exciting news: Team SoHo has a sponsor! The lovely Jennifer of knowknits agreed to supply our team of knitters with Go Knit pouches for our projects--because you know in order to finish on time we're going to be knitting while walking--and they arrived yesterday. The Go Knit pouch is featured in the products section of the newest knit.1 (hey, recognize that hat?), and next week I'm going to be offering a chance for you to win your own.

Back to the knitting. I got most of Team SoHo together this morning for a group photo.

Tanis, our yarn coordinator (yes, there is such a job, and aren't you jealous?), is using Knit Picks Palette to make Icelandic mittens (that's a swatch you see forming from her needles)

Both Adina and Karin (editor of Yarn Market News) are using Berroco Ultra Alpaca to make the Deb Newton shawl from the Fall 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting.

(Adina would like me to tell you that she initially wanted to make a hat from the Winter issue of VK, but I nixed the idea because ... she says it's because I'm mean, but it was because the hat is made with a super-bulky yarn and someone of Adina's skill and caliber could easily knit it up in three hours or less. She is a very competitive soul, bless her heart. I still think she'll finish her shawl before I've finished the first shoulder-shaping of my project.)

Mary Kathryn is using Cherry Tree Hill Baby Sachet for a lacy tank top.

Carla is making domino/mitred square socks with  Koigu KPPPM (mmmmm...Koigu).

And that's Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece there for my Trellis, and the swatch I had started last night. The swatch will probably turn out to be a sleeve--that's a little trick I picked up along the way because I don't particularly like to swatch. I start knitting a sleeve of a sweater, and after enough rows I measure. If I'm on gauge, I continue. If I'm off, I don't have that much to rip out. I guess I bent the rules there, but honestly--that's how I swatch.

And finally, Jenn was able to sneak this in under the wire:

She's working on a sweater out of Lorna's Laces for the Winter 2006/07 issue of Vogue Knitting, and since she's on a strict deadline and has already started, she's also participating under the "Team FO" banner.

A couple teammates aren't pictured, like Lisa and Cheryl (who is making a sweater from Fiona Ellis's new book, and that should be amazing), but I hope to get updates from them when we come back from the weekend.

Are you knitting in the Olympics, too? What are you making?
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Knitting Yarn Brands Review & Price 2017

I fell for this yarn as soon as saw it. Produced entirely in Arequipa, Peru, Woolstock is an aran weight yarn made from 100% fine Highland wool. Although it has traditional plied and twisted construction, it's been done very carefully to ensure the yarn retains its lofty handle end the bounce continues when the yarn is wound for knitting.

It feels smooth and silky, stretching ever so slightly as you knit. to produce light squishy fabric. The palette has 21 shades including subtle melange colours created by dyeing the fibre before spinning and Blending. Spring Ice, shown here, combines turquoise, ecru and the slightest hint of black. Pattern support in the form of PDF downloads can be found on the Blue Sky Fibers website. This yarn should hand-washed using a mild detergent, then dried flat. Alternatively it may be dry-cleaned.

Composition: 100% fine Highland wool
Weight: 50g
Length: 112m
Rec needle size: 4-8 mm
Tension (1 Ocm): 20-24 Sts
RRP: €5.99 Contact: Blue Sky Fibers E:

With e name meaning sleep, Mirasol Umine is a dreamily soft blend of alpaca end 50% wool. It has e luxurious combination of drape and warmth, and although it has crimped appearance it's very softly plied end twisted, which gives the yarn a lovely light and springy texture.

As you'd expect from this blend of fibres, it's smooth end supple to knit, producing e buttery soft and squishy fabric with perfectly formed stitches. Inspired Sy the colours of South America, the 16 shades balance cool greys end rich, exotic tones with deep Blues, such as shade 15, Royalty, shown here — a jewel-like purple and blue mix. Pattern support can Se found in collection of loose leaflets featuring ladies' sweaters as well as smeller accessories and e couple of home projects. This delicate yarn should Be hand- washed then dried flat, But do not tumble-dry. Alternatively it may be dry-cleaned.

Composition: alpaca, 50% wool
Weight: 100g
Length: 225m
Rec needle size: 4 5-5.5mm
Tension (10cm): 16-20 Sts
RRP: 75
Contact: Intercontinental Yarns
T: 01535 664222

Kettle Yarn Co Islington is EX weight yarn made with Bluefaced Leicester that has Seen picked through twice then re-examined Before being blended with silk. This translates into e super soft yarn that is gentle enough for sensitive skin and yet durable enough to withstand repeated wear end washing. It's indulgently soft, with cotton-like, dry handle, and is beautifully smooth to knit producing lightweight fabric with impressively even stitches that are enhanced by the yarn's rich and lustrous appearance.

The hand-dyeing process gives the yarn its semi-solid colouring, adding tonal interest to each shade. There ere 14 hand-dyed shades to choose from, including a couple of limited-edition indigo-dyed options and Purple Reign, shown here. Although it's been super-wash treated, this yarn should be hand-washed or soaked in lukewarm water, then laid flatto dry.
Composition: 55% supervvash Bluefeced Leicester, 45% silk

Weight: I00g
Length: 212m
Rec needle size: 2-5mm
Tension (10cm): 21-24 Sts
RRP: €21
Contact: Kettle Yarn Co

Nora's Silk Garden Sock Solo has a lot more character then a typical sock yarn. Made from wool, 25% silk, 25% polyamide and 10% mohair it has a slightly uneven texture which combines its gentle twist with e long, slub-like appearance. It IS as thin as 4 ply in some places, and 4-5mm thick in others. There are also tiny fronds of fibre twisted in along the length of the yarn, adding even more textural interest. It produces soft, lightweight fabric with e dry handle that's supple and warm with a rich, tweedy colouring.

There are eight shades to choose from including the inky blue shade 03 shown here. Pattern support includes designs by Jenny Watson. This yarn should Be hand-washed in cold water, squeezed gently to remove the excess water then dried flat, out of direct sunlight. Alternatively it may be dry- cleaned with care.

Composition: 40% wool, 25% silk, 25% polyamide, 10% mohair
Weight: 100g Length: 300m
Rec needle size: 3.5-4mm
Tension (1 Ocm): 20-22 Sts x 28- 30 rcn,vs
RRP: €19.75
Contact: Designer Yarns

from Knitting Magazine

Knitting Yarn Reviews & Price 2017

Knitting Yarn Reviews 2017

Fat end fabulous — Cascade Yarns Spuntaneous is a super chunky yarn made from 100% extra-fine Merino wool. Although it has the look of a single ply, it has a lot of strength that thankfully meant it. Didn’t fell apart as worked with it.

It has e super soft, rounded handle and, as expected, knitted up in flash on 12mm needles producing beautifully squat, even stitches and a warm, dense fabric with a smooth, silky feel in the hands.

This yarn is fairly expensive but its metreage of 100m per 20Dg means you can knit a hat scarf or cowl from just one hank. Patterns were available as free downloads from the Cascade Yarns website. The palette of 17 shades includes classic neutrals and soft pastels as well as juicy brights and deep autumnal shades like Blue Coral (shade 15) here. It felts very easily so should be hand washed cold and laid flat to dry.

Composition: 100% extra-fine Merino wool
Weight: 200g
Length: 100m
Rec needle size: 10-12m m
Tension (10cm): 6-8 Sts
RRP: €17.95
Contact: Cascade Yarns

knitting yarn reviews uk

If you're already fan of the MillaMia brand but can t wear wool you'll be pleased to see the latest addition to its range. Naturally Soft Cotton is e plied and twisted yarn made from 100% combed cotton with a subdued rather than lustrous appearance. It has a soft, dry handle end when knitted up the fabric is beautifully lightweight With excellent stitch definition. The choice of 22 shades comes from MillaMie's signature palette end with a good balance of calming neutrals, classics end punchy brights, the colors will combine beautifully for colourwork projects as well as working well on their own. The sample shown here was knitted in shade 321, Indigo Purple. With e standard tension of 25 Sts and 34 rows, this is an ideal yarn for spring and summer, as it's just little heavier than standard 4 ply. This yarn may be washed at 400C on a gentle setting but do not tumble-dry. It may also be dry-cleaned.

Composition: 100%
 cotton Weight: SCIg
Length: 165m
Rec needle size: 3.25mm
Tension (10cm): 25 Sts x 34 rcnns
RRP: €4.50
Contact: Love Knitting
 T: 0845 5442196

knitting yarn price

Wool Me Tender is soft and chunky yarn made from 100% Peruvian wool, which has Seen responsibly sourced and sustainably produced While some roving yarns can Se e little week to work with, this has just enough twist on it to give a smooth, round finish and stop it from splitting as you knit.

It knits up quickly on 6.5mm needles, producing a soft end dense fabric that's cosily snug next to the skin. There's choice of 13 shades, ranging from sober classics like Tweed Grey and Space Black to the soft, feminine Cameo Rose end intense fashion shades like Cinnamon Dust end Red Ochre The swatch shown is knitted in Cloudy Blue.

You'll find pattern inspiration, in the form of three free to download PDF patterns on Wool end the Gang's website. This yarn should be hand-washed in a specialist wool detergent and dried flat. Alternatively it can be dry-cleaned.
Composition: 100% Peruvian wool

Weight: IOOg
Length: 150m
Rec needle size: 6.5mm
Tension (10cm): 12 Sts
RRP: €8
Contact: Wool And The Gang
 T: 020 7241 6420

knitting yarn price

Rowan's Hemp Tweed Chunky really is a tweed with difference. Its unusual combination of plied and twisted wool and hemp gives the limited edition yarn distinctive appearance and character. It has fine, subtle veins of ecru that create the tweed effect, with occasional slubs of fibre adding textural interest. 

It knits up beautifully and has a wonderfully rounded feel. The fabric is close-textured and smooth, With neat, fulsome stitches when used for stocking stitch end pronounced texture when used for moss stitch. There's plenty of pattern support with six designs in the Hemp Tweed Chunky Collection and three more designs on the website. There are eight restrained shades, including 004 See shown here. It is machine washable at 3CFC on e gentle setting but do not tumble-dry. Lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight. Alternatively it may Se dry-cleaned with care.

Composition: 75% wool, 25% true hemp
Weight: 100g Length: 110m
Rec needle size: 6mm
Tension (10cm): 14 Sts x 19 rows
RRP: €9
Contact: Rowan
T: 01484 668200